The Vault, where old designs rest

Posted: Fri, Jul 17, 2020
Last updated: Sun, Nov 27, 2022

This site has also been through the wringer a good number of times now. I launched this site under the name ‘Surgery Waste’ after I nuked my Tumblr account into oblivion in 2018 (…before crawling back in 2021, but we won’t talk about it). The very first iteration of my site is gone, but I’ve archived the next two phases of my site:

  • Phase 02 – clean and cohesive, but an absolute nightmare to maintain
  • Phase 03 – slightly easier to maintain with more design-y stuff going on, but the back-end quickly became spaghetti-fied over time too

Now, I have a static site generator on hand, my code is now relatively DRY, and things are way more manageable! Go me for productivity! This site is still devoid of much ‘content’ as such, but hey! I’m getting round to it…

Not even sure what ‘phase’ I’m on now. My handle was Carcer City Mall for what, maybe a year or so? It was a reference to a location in the god tier Manhunt which was originally released on PS2 in ‘03. However, as much as I loved that handle and used it on everything, no one knew how to say it or what the fuck it meant. Which brings me to now, the tail end of 2021, where I go through yet another iteration of bullshit under the new name of Lethal Compound. A song which you should listen to right now.