Posted: Wed, May 1, 2019
Last updated: Sun, Feb 25, 2024

My hub for live show write-ups! I have a shit memory and often forget which bands I saw open for who, and a lot of the times I’ll leave a gig with a setlist, some merch, stuff like that. I’ve only written up some of them… over time I’m hoping to clear my backlog and be up to date so I can push a write-up out shortly after each future show.


The upcoming gigs section has been killed off to help keep the clutter down here… it was literally me just copying the list from my Songkick profile and simplifying it, feel free to poke around on there if you want.


Date Headliner Support
2024-02-23 Knifedoutofexistence Geheimnisknecht, Sgerbwd, Dolmen Dweller
2024-02-19 Jack Callahan and Jeff Witscher Nick Malkin, Kenosist
2024-02-17 Vigilance State Soft Riot, Stock Image
2024-02-03 Polevaulter Badger, Melting, Zilch Patrol
2024-02-02 LFT Kenny Campbell, Silent Mess
2024-01-22 Dlina Volny Novyi Lef
2024-01-17 Tongue Depressor Urban:Dentist
2024-01-10 Then Comes Silence Agent Side Grinder


Date Headliner Support
2023-12-17 Afterschool Teatime Territorial Gobbing, Watts
2023-11-25 The Nosferatu Inkubus Sukkubus
2023-11-24 Syteria The Brink, LoGOz
2023-11-24 Dhangsha en creux, SW1n-HUNTER, Pokk!
2023-11-18 The Sisters of Mercy The Virginmarys
2023-11-15 Yuko Araki Harvey Parkin-Christie / Hinrik Þórisson, Drooping Finger
2023-11-11 Deathstars Liv Sin, Priest
2023-11-10 Poison Point -
2023-11-09 Shredd Grey Palm, Abnorm
2023-11-07 Gothminister King Satan, Psycholies
2023-11-03 Wolf Eyes Yeah You, Molar Fear
2023-11-01 Ekstasis Depletion, Zinzile Imelda, KNYF
2023-10-13 Dreamcrusher Kill Alters
2023-10-12 PC World Hound
2023-10-11 Nihiloxica Max Tyler
2023-10-10 Pain Ensiferum, Eleine, Ryujin
2023-10-09 Hide Axine M, Bridget Ferrill
2023-09-09 Svartvit Pale World, KNYF, Sgerbwd
2023-09-06 Dawn Ray’d Ragana, Radium Jaw
2023-09-02 Dark Alchemy V Nocturnal Emissions, Satori, Dead Space Chamber Music, Kate Arnold, Trianglecuts, John Biddulph
2023-08-27 Infest Festival Test Dept, Choke Chain, Je T’Aime, La Rissa, INT SEC, Nightmare Frequency
2023-08-26 Infest Festival Zynic, Thorofon, Parade Ground, Normoria, Capital X, Silent Weapon
2023-08-25 Infest Festival Beborn Beton, Genevieve Pasquier, Goteki
2023-08-19 Ryosuke Kiyasu Carnivorous Plants, Shrimp, Sgerbwd
2023-08-18 TQ Live: An Evening of Divergent Sound namke communications, Peony, Pettaluck
2023-08-17 Body Maintenance Memorabilia, Swine Tax
2023-08-10 Ybalferran Daphne X, Molar Fear
2023-07-22 Mörderstein -
2023-07-19 Frenchy and The Punk Folding Gold, Guitarmy of One
2023-07-13 Mareux Witch of the East
2023-06-29 Tashi Dorji Lucy Adlington
2023-06-24 Kiik Amor Bora, Godspeed You! Peter Andre, Angelo Harmsworth
2023-06-24 Shunyata Improvisation Group Möbius
2023-06-23 The Shits Self Immolation Music, The Klittens, Coded Marking, Secret(e)
2023-06-06 Liminal Haze Kneeling Coats, Depletion, Culver
2023-05-27 Ut The Happy Now?
2023-05-24 Psychic Graveyard Disciplinary, Beer Fear
2023-05-20 Desire Lines Craig Stewart Johnson, David Howcroft, Eleanor Cully Boehringer, Graeme Hopper, Joe Murray, Jorge Boehringer
2023-05-19 Puce Mary Burning Pyre, Soft Issues
2023-05-17 Aurelio Voltaire Rosegarden Funeral Party
2023-05-12 Poison Ruïn Consolation, Erica Freas
2023-05-06 Hocico Fïx8:Sëd8, Amorphous
2023-04-24 Kruelty Splitknuckle, Gates of Hell
2023-04-14 Ist Ist Noprism
2023-04-13 Kepla JC Leisure, Lacrima
2023-03-31 TQ Live: An Evening of Industrial City Sounds BigRoadBreaker, TSR2, Gidouille
2023-03-30 Henry Rollins -
2023-03-24 Years of Denial Curses, Silent Mess
2023-03-15 Justice Yeldham Craig Stewart Johnson, Lacrima
2023-03-11 YANG: Industrial Coast x Opal Tapes Filmmaker, God is War, Crown of Cerberus, Territorial Gobbing, Bishop, Burning Pyre, Real Terms, Soft Issues, KK Junker, brb>voicecoil, Natural Causes
2023-02-25 Kontravoid Vigilance State
2023-02-16 Zanias Dead Lights, Hanging Freud
2023-02-10 Violent Magic Orchestra Kentaro Hayashi
2023-01-20 Godflesh Zetra


Date Headliner Support
2022-09-22 VR Sex Memorabilia
2022-08-10 Doyle So Long Until The Seance
2022-07-18 The Prodigy Jaguar Skills
2022-07-15 Front 242 Je$us Loves Amerika, Nightmare Frequency
2022-06-23 Einstürzende Neubauten -
2022-06-15 Nine Inch Nails Yves Tumor
2022-06-02 Run The Jewels DJ Cutmaster Swiff
2022-04-02 A Place To Bury Strangers Air Formation, Lunacy
2022-03-27 Lynks Crimewave
2022-02-17 Evile Divine Chaos
2022-02-12 Paradise Lost Moonspell


Date Headliner Support
2021-10-02 Twin Tribes Double Echo, Corlyx
2021-09-20 Black Stone Cherry Kris Barras Band
2021-09-18 One Night of Queen -
2021-07-28 Jujubee Mutha Tucka, Plastiq, Ivy, Krystal Versace


Date Headliner Support
2020-10-28 Crystal Methyd Mutha Tucka, Plastiq, Beauty Killer
2020-03-11 Dancing on Tables St. Buryan, Martini Henri
2020-03-07 Ladytron SHHE
2020-02-21 Napalm Death eyehategod, Misery Index


Date Headliner Support
2019-12-21 Promenade Cinema Randolph & Mortimer
2019-12-14 Cavalera Conspiracy Conan, Healing Magic
2019-12-13 Dutch Elm Red Revival, Tales, The Jet Reds, Martini Henri
2019-11-24 Nitzer Ebb Liebknecht
2019-11-22 Die Krupps Viral, Sulpher
2019-11-12 Boy Harsher Hante
2019-10-30 Charli XCX Rina Sawayama
2019-10-20 Melt-Banana Blom, Hot Sores
2019-10-04 Sulpher Heist 2-11
2019-10-02 White Ring Ventenner, Victim Unit
2019-10-01 Static-X Soil, Wednesday 13, Dope
2019-09-26 Gary Numan Kanga
2019-09-21 Drab Majesty SRSQ, L. D. Moses
2019-09-14 The Sisters of Season 11 Shuga Cain, Scarlet Envy, Mercedes Iman Diamond
2019-07-31 #DXP19: Drag Explosion Brooke Lynn Hytes, Morgan McMichaels, Detox, Nina West, Monique Heart, Meatball, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
2019-07-19 God Module -
2019-06-07 She Past Away Drab Majesty
2019-06-06 Trinity the Tuck -
2019-06-04 Death Grips -
2019-06-01 <PIG> Cubanate, Randolph & Mortimer
2019-05-24 VNV Nation Empathy Test
2019-04-27 Grendel Biomechanimal, Die Kur, Matt Hart
2019-04-13 Aesthetic Perfection Priest, Amelia Arsenic
2019-03-23 Wormrot Dawn Ray’d, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Unyielding Love
2019-03-22 Manila Luzon Santi Storm, Uma Daze, Mutha Tucka
2019-03-19 Oomph! Heldmaschine
2019-03-09 P.O.D. Alien Ant Farm, ‘68
2019-02-22 Dance With The Dead LeBrock
2019-02-16 Decapitated Dyscarnate, Bæst, Bloodshot Dawn
2019-02-02 VNV Nation Empathy Test
2019-01-31 Michale Graves Noise Pollution, The Atoms
2019-01-30 Michale Graves Noise Pollution, Sour Tusk, Air Drawn Dagger
2019-01-23 Kameron Michaels Blair St Clair, Mutha Tucka
2019-01-17 Avatar The Mahones, Dylan Walshe
2019-01-11 Enter Shikari Palaye Royale, Black Peaks


Date Headliner Support
2018-12-20 Myrkur Jo Quail
2018-12-06 Sevendust All That Remains, Blind Channel
2018-11-24 Pitchshifter earthtone9, The Blueprint
2018-09-02 The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Vander Von Odd, Biqtch Puddin, Meatball, James Majesty, Abhora
2018-08-10 Soulfly -
2018-07-17 Ministry Chelsea Wolfe
2018-03-17 Cannibal Corpse The Black Dahlia Murder, In Arkadia
2018-02-17 Alien Ant Farm Soil, Local H


Date Headliner Support
2017-12-06 Mastodon Red Fang, Russian Circles
2017-11-14 Insane Clown Posse Mushroomhead, Death Blooms, Ouija, Lyte, Big Hoodoo
2017-10-25 Kvelertak Puppy
2017-10-11 Belphegor Enthroned, Nervochaos
2017-09-14 American Head Charge Liv Sin, In Death, Reptil
2017-09-05 KMFDM Lord of the Lost, Inertia
2017-06-09 Melt-Banana Weirds
2017-03-12 Mortiis <PIG>, Seraph Sin
2017-02-22 Wednesday 13 Bourbon Crow
2017-02-04 Doyle The Dead XIII, Def Con One


Date Headliner Support
2016-11-09 Crystal Castles -


Date Headliner Support
2014-01-14 Lamb of God Decapitated, Huntress


Date Headliner Support
2013-10-13 Children of Bodom Napalm Death, Insomnium, Medeia


Date Headliner Support
2012-12-08 Madness Man Like Me