Posted: Wed, May 1, 2019
Last updated: Wed, Apr 5, 2023

My hub for live show write-ups! I have a shit memory and often forget which bands I saw open for who, and a lot of the times I’ll leave a gig with a setlist, some merch, stuff like that. I’ve only written up some of them… over time I’m hoping to clear my backlog and be up to date so I can push a write-up out shortly after each future show.

At the moment, this page is probably the most regularly-updated on the site. Terrible, I know!


Stuff coming up that I’ve either booked or got my eyes on.

Date Performing
2023-06-06 Liminal Haze
2023-06-13 The Soft Moon
2023-06-18 Doylums
2023-06-23 Svartvit
2023-06-24 Shunyata Improvisation Group, Möbius
2023-07-13 Mareux
2023-08-15 Swans
2023-08-19 Ryosuke Kiyasu
2023-08-26 Lupine
2023-09-01 Obituary
2023-09-05 Full of Hell
2023-09-07 She Past Away
2023-09-12 Lesbian Bed Death
2023-10-10 Pain, Ensiferum
2023-10-19 Solar Fake
2023-10-29 Fear Factory
2023-11-07 Gothminister
2023-11-11 Deathstars
2023-11-18 The Sisters of Mercy


Yeah, I know I’ve only wrote up like a handful of these.


Date Headliner Support
2023-05-27 Ut The Happy Now?
2023-05-24 Psychic Graveyard Disciplinary, Beer Fear
2023-05-20 Desire Lines Craig Stewart Johnson, David Howcroft, Eleanor Cully Boehringer, Graeme Hopper, Joe Murray and Jorge Boehringer
2023-05-19 Puce Mary Burning Pyre, Soft Issues
2023-05-17 Aurelio Voltaire Rosegarden Funeral Party
2023-05-12 Poison Ruïn Consolation, Erica Freas
2023-05-06 Hocico Fïx8:Sëd8, Amorphous
2023-04-24 Kruelty Splitknuckle, Gates of Hell
2023-04-14 Ist Ist Noprism
2023-04-13 Kepla JC Leisure, Lacrima
2023-03-31 TQ Live: An Evening of Industrial City Sounds BigRoadBreaker, TSR2, Gidouille
2023-03-30 Henry Rollins -
2023-03-24 Years of Denial Curses, Silent Mess
2023-03-15 Justice Yeldham Craig Stewart Johnson, Lacrima
2023-03-11 Filmmaker God is War, Crown of Cerberus, Territorial Gobbing, Bishop, Burning Pyre, Real Terms, Soft Issues, KK Junker, brb>voicecoil, Natural Causes
2023-02-25 Kontravoid Vigilance State
2023-02-16 Zanias Dead Lights, Hanging Freud
2023-02-10 Violent Magic Orchestra Kentaro Hayashi
2023-01-20 Godflesh Zetra


Date Headliner Support
2022-09-22 VR Sex Memorabilia
2022-08-10 Doyle So Long Until The Seance
2022-07-18 The Prodigy Jaguar Skills
2022-07-15 Front 242 Je$us Loves Amerika, Nightmare Frequency
2022-06-23 Einstürzende Neubauten -
2022-06-15 Nine Inch Nails Yves Tumor
2022-06-02 Run The Jewels DJ Cutmaster Swiff
2022-04-02 A Place To Bury Strangers Air Formation, Lunacy
2022-03-27 Lynks Crimewave
2022-02-17 Evile Divine Chaos
2022-02-12 Paradise Lost Moonspell


Date Headliner Support
2021-10-02 Twin Tribes Double Echo, Corlyx
2021-09-20 Black Stone Cherry Kris Barras Band
2021-07-28 Jujubee Mutha Tucka, Plastiq, Ivy, Krystal Versace


Date Headliner Support
2020-10-28 Crystal Methyd Mutha Tucka, Plastiq, Beauty Killer
2020-03-11 Dancing on Tables St. Buryan, Martini Henri
2020-03-07 Ladytron SHHE
2020-02-21 Napalm Death eyehategod, Misery Index


Date Headliner Support
2019-12-21 Promenade Cinema Randolph & Mortimer
2019-12-14 Cavalera Conspiracy Conan, Healing Magic
2019-12-13 Dutch Elm Red Revival, Tales, The Jet Reds, Martini Henri
2019-11-24 Nitzer Ebb Liebknecht
2019-11-22 Die Krupps Viral, Sulpher
2019-11-12 Boy Harsher Hante
2019-10-30 Charli XCX Rina Sawayama
2019-10-20 Melt-Banana Blom, Hot Sores
2019-10-04 Sulpher Heist 2-11
2019-10-02 White Ring Ventenner, Victim Unit
2019-10-01 Static-X Soil, Wednesday 13, Dope
2019-09-26 Gary Numan Kanga
2019-09-21 Drab Majesty SRSQ, L. D. Moses
2019-09-14 The Sisters of Season 11 Shuga Cain, Scarlet Envy, Mercedes Iman Diamond
2019-07-31 #DXP19: Drag Explosion Brooke Lynn Hytes, Morgan McMichaels, Detox, Nina West, Monique Heart, Meatball, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo
2019-07-19 God Module -
2019-06-07 She Past Away Drab Majesty
2019-06-06 Trinity the Tuck -
2019-06-04 Death Grips -
2019-06-01 <PIG> Cubanate, Randolph & Mortimer
2019-05-24 VNV Nation Empathy Test
2019-04-27 Grendel Biomechanimal, Die Kur, Matt Hart
2019-04-13 Aesthetic Perfection Priest, Amelia Arsenic
2019-03-23 Wormrot Dawn Ray’d, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Unyielding Love
2019-03-22 Manila Luzon Santi Storm, Uma Daze, Mutha Tucka
2019-03-19 Oomph! Heldmaschine
2019-03-09 P.O.D. Alien Ant Farm, ‘68
2019-02-22 Dance With The Dead LeBrock
2019-02-16 Decapitated Dyscarnate, Bæst, Bloodshot Dawn
2019-02-02 VNV Nation Empathy Test
2019-01-31 Michale Graves Noise Pollution, The Atoms
2019-01-30 Michale Graves Noise Pollution, Sour Tusk, Air Drawn Dagger
2019-01-23 Kameron Michaels Blair St Clair, Mutha Tucka
2019-01-17 Avatar The Mahones, Dylan Walshe
2019-01-11 Enter Shikari Palaye Royale, Black Peaks


Date Headliner Support
2018-12-20 Myrkur Jo Quail
2018-12-06 Sevendust All That Remains, Blind Channel
2018-11-24 Pitchshifter earthtone9, The Blueprint
2018-09-02 The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Vander Von Odd, Biqtch Puddin, Meatball, James Majesty, Abhora
2018-08-10 Soulfly -
2018-07-17 Ministry Chelsea Wolfe
2018-03-17 Cannibal Corpse The Black Dahlia Murder, In Arkadia
2018-02-17 Alien Ant Farm Soil, Local H


Date Headliner Support
2017-12-06 Mastodon Red Fang, Russian Circles
2017-11-14 Insane Clown Posse Mushroomhead, Death Blooms, Ouija, Lyte, Big Hoodoo
2017-10-25 Kvelertak Puppy
2017-10-11 Belphegor Enthroned, Nervochaos
2017-09-14 American Head Charge Liv Sin, In Death, Reptil
2017-09-05 KMFDM Lord of the Lost, Inertia
2017-06-09 Melt-Banana Weirds
2017-03-12 Mortiis <PIG>, Seraph Sin
2017-02-22 Wednesday 13 Bourbon Crow
2017-02-04 Doyle The Dead XIII, Def Con One


Date Headliner Support
2016-11-09 Crystal Castles -


Date Headliner Support
2014-01-14 Lamb of God Decapitated, Huntress


Date Headliner Support
2013-10-13 Children of Bodom Napalm Death, Insomnium, Medeia


Date Headliner Support
2012-12-08 Madness Man Like Me