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Posted: Tue, Jan 1, 2019
Last updated: Tue, May 19, 2020

Playlist central! Sometimes I get an idea for a playlist theme, throw some tracks together in Audacity, make the whole file sound like shit, and then upload it here. Most of these are ‘themed’ in some way, but there will be semi-regular mixes where I’ll just be putting out whatever good shit I’m listening to at the minute.

I recently bought a copy of New Horizons which came with a free 6-month trial of Spotify Premium so I’ve tried to Spotify-ify my playlists. Loads of tunes on this page aren’t available because streaming services are shite and you should be hoarding MP3s like a civilised person instead, but whatever.


Show Me Your Spine

Duration: 3h17m21s

Date: Dec 22, 2021

Information Scare

Duration: 2h2m13s

Date: May 19, 2020

Q4 2019

Duration: 2h23m57s

Date: Dec 26, 2019

September 2019

Duration: 37m19s

Date: Sep 18, 2019

August 2019

Duration: 45m56s

Date: Aug 23, 2019


Duration: 31m47s

Date: May 5, 2019


Duration: 29m3s

Date: Feb 19, 2019


Duration: 31m7s

Date: Jan 6, 2019


Duration: 54m13s

Date: Jan 1, 2019