Go for Broke! (1985)

Posted: Fri, Jul 31, 2020

V・マドンナ大戦争 / Go for Broke!

V・マドンナ大戦争 / Go for Broke! (1985)

Watched: 31/07/2020


Released as ‘Go For Broke/Break’ outside of Japan. Now, it took me yonks + a small questionable payment to a seemingly shady website to grab a digital copy of this film as I don’t have access to Cinemageddon. I’ll spare the details.

I’ve been wanting to watch this for years. This is possibly my favourite movie poster of all time. It’s just excellent. I want a massive fuck-off A1 size poster framed on my wall. It’s stunning.

The film itself… is fun. The rip I had was shit even for VHS so it was often hard to see what was going on. It felt 3 hours long while only coming in at just under 2, but I’m tired and watching this baby-res rip in a VLC window while browsing online so it’s not like it had my full entire attention. It has a goofy premise with crazy stunts, a biker gang led by a lesbian dominatrix, tons of explosions + fireworks, some guy gets his eyes gouged out, and it’s all set in a high school that gets its student government allowance stolen twice a year by said biker gang. It’s nuts.

Could easily have had 20 minutes chopped out at least, but I still had a blast watching it.