The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Posted: Fri, Dec 24, 2021
Last updated: Sun, Feb 6, 2022

The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Watched: 23/12/2021


This is the first time I’ve been to the pictures in years. I think the last thing I went to see was The Force Awakens. Or was it the Rise of Skywalker? I think it might’ve been the latter actually, and I’d only seen that as my friend had a spare ticket for the midnight premier. I fell asleep halfway through as I was steaming drunk, I didn’t know who anyone was (I got ribbed for having to google ‘Palpatine’ when some ugly bastard turned up who was a big deal, apparently), and from what I remember it was boring as shit.

I don’t go to the pictures very often, basically. But I had to see this. The first Matrix film changed me as a person when I was like, 12, and I’m sure it probably made me gay too. I’ve seen Reloaded and Revolutions as well, but that was years ago and I don’t remember them very much, just that I liked them for the most part.

So I head in about 15 minutes late, and the place is empty. Like 15 people max. And someone still managed to steal my seat! I’d bagged middle seat, middle row, the prime viewing experience, only to find some teen couple sat there instead. Yet another act of homophobic violence!! When will it end??

A fatal mistake I made was leaving my nicotine gum at home. About an hour in and I’m choking. I can’t concentrate much, and when new Agent Smith lights a tab in the office, I’m in shambles. I made it through though, go me!

First off, I liked how they made it so Thomas Anderson was this super famous game designer who had built these 3 Matrix games covering the original trilogy as a way to link this film to the originals. The actual flashbacks to the original where they just… pasted clips from it seemed janky as fuck though. I did also like the change from having Agent Smith in a bog standard suit to being dressed like a Wall Street yuppie or whatever, the latter which are quite literally a plague on the planet.

The action scenes felt so… boring? Nothing felt like it had any stakes. I don’t want to keep going “but the original trilogy had –!” cos this film should stand on its own. But genuinely, the action scenes were shit in this. No wide-angle views where you can just admire the choreography or whatever, it’s all shaky-cam and quick cuts, like how it takes Liam Neeson 800 cuts just to get over a fucking fence.

Hm… this film was made, I guess. I watched it. I think it was okay for what they were trying to do and you could see what they were trying to go for, but it felt extremely long with not a lot of substance at all. I’ll defo watch it again, this time at home where there’s no distractions and I can get into it more, and see if my opinion changes. I doubt it will though.

For Matrix nerds I’d say watch it to say you’ve seen it. Don’t expect much though.