Posted: Sun, Jan 6, 2019
Last updated: Tue, Feb 6, 2024


America Now (1994)

This was released in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and is apparently ‘rare’. I bagged it for £4.50 a while ago — it comes in one of those 3D cases and the flag waves when you move the CD. Unfortunately my case came with a large crack in it. There are two discs: ‘East Coast’ featuring songs by Godhead and Sorry About Your Daughter, and ‘West Coast’ featuring songs from Blackboard Jungle and Spun. Godhead have 5 tracks on this one.


Non-Stop Ride (2004)

This isn’t really a Godhead release - just a compilation album of remixes by various artists of various artists and released under Godhead’s name. Lots of really fun songs on this one, and I love the album artwork too. I don’t ever see anything about this release which is a real shame. A well-rounded goth club soundtrack from beginning to end.

Favourite tracks would be:

… but really, the whole album’s great.

2024-02-06 - chiming in

A full blown review for this one is now live!