Kerrang 1999 06 19

Posted: Sat, Mar 30, 2019


Fred Durst takes the cover of this issue of Kerrang! magazine. Three Dollar Bill, Y’All$ has sold 1.5 million records and Limp Bizkit are getting ready to release the fucking fantastic album Significant Other.

We open strong with a plea from Pitchshifter - help them hunt for aliens!


I fucking love these guys. They’re between .com and Deviant right now. Loved the former (somewhat indifferent about the other). The website they’re talking about is this one here, which is still up and running and has just celebrated its 20th birthday! You help out by downloading a free program that downloads and analyses radio telescope data. Cool stuff.

To promote Significant Other, there are a few early listening events with free tapes available too.

bizkit1 bizkit2

Fred Durst also gave an interview, of course, but it was non-eventful and I thought a photo of Fred with “You’re alone” on it was far more amusing to me.


Coal Chamber have a feature here as we take a look behind the scenes of their latest song Shock the Monkey, featuring Ozzy Osbourne.


Bug’s top is pissing me off because I feel like that band around his tits needs to be a couple of inches higher, but we’ll look past that.


We got some stuff up for grabs in this one. Let’s check out some fashion.


Skunk Anansie are preparing to release their third album, Post Orgasmic Chill, this June. They’ve just released ‘Secretly’, and have some merch to give away. They got some shirts (which I have to say, I really like the minimalist design) along with a CD single and a ‘hip wrap-around’ which to me just looks like a bum bag.


Available to buy are these ‘freak’ necklaces. You know all those Instagram girls that wear necklaces with ‘babygirl’ and ‘angel’ and ‘nasty’ and shit on them? Here is the originator, the godfather of tacky necklacess. Which reminds me, I still need to buy a necklace with ‘angel’ written on it.


Now, here we go. The magnum opus. Feast your eyes on these shirts. On the left we have a hoodie, which has:

Millenium Fucked
cyber satan 2000
doomsday virus / micro chip antichrist

which I also DESPERATELY need.

These shirts/hoodies are by a company called Devilbunnies, which I can find no trace of online. Nothing on eBay, nothing in the Wayback Machine. I even looked up the address to see if there was any trace left in the wild.


Fuck all. Just a rundown backstreet in Bristol. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to track down Kerrang! merch from 20 years ago – in an issue of Kerrang! that I don’t remember (I’ll update this once I find it and scan it) I found these trainers with ‘666’ written in a fiery embroidered font on the side. They were fucking sick. The company is still going, but they emailed me like 3 months later saying they had no idea about them and then linked me to their site which is full of generic shit now. One day, my quest to hunt down 90’s deadstock tacky fashion will succeed. But that day, nor today, were the days.

Hell, at this rate I’ll just recreate and print these damn shirts myself.

Anyway! Let’s move on. We also have a regular section, Cruisin' for a Boozin'. This issue’s guest is Hole’s Melissa Auf der Maur.

melissa2 melissa

In other news, Smash Mouth’s recently-released single ‘All Star’ features characters from the upcoming Mystery Men.


Near the end we have a snap of System of a Down, each member holding a copy of what looks to be Kerrang! issue number 750, which was released on May 15, 1999.


And of course, we have some ads too. The Matrix is the hottest shit around right now having dropped about a week ago, and the album is now available to buy.


If you can’t be arsed with the whole album, you can also get your hands on the single Rock is Dead which was released just a few days ago.


Hmm… I suppose I should add these too. We have features for country musician and all-around twat Kid Rock. I think this feature was to sell a few more copies of Bawitdaba which was released not too long ago, and to drum up some hype for Cowboy, which would get released in a couple of months. I don’t know, the timing of this feature seems off here. Whatever.


We are also treated to a comparison chart to see who’s the hardest rapper - Eminem or Kid Rock. Here’s the raw data:

eminem eminem2

Eminem wins! How exciting. Glad we put the age-old question to rest.