PC Zone 1999 09

Posted: Tue, Feb 5, 2019


I’m not really one for PC gaming — there’s a few games I do love, of course, but I am certainly not in the ‘PC Master Race’ crowd. I bought this magazine for System Shock 2, and got a few tasty morsels in the form of articles for Grand Theft Auto 2 and some of the best artwork I’ve ever seen. My knowledge of PC video games is especially lacking, so this one will be more of a whirlwind tour. Let’s get into it.


These articles focus on the upcoming release of GTA 2, and the upgrades from the previous game. Gangs are now a thing. There’s also a bunch of new vehicles - ice-cream trucks, hot dog vans, SWAT vans, taxis and buses, rubbish trucks, and of course, a hearse.


Also, peep the Tory fuck whinging about kids playing violent video games in the scan just above. Some things never change, huh.

I haven’t spent the most amount of time playing GTA 2 - I got a copy for 25p and it didn’t work on my PC. I ended up having to run it on a virtual machine instead. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time tearing shit up in GTA 2 maps that have been made for GMod, but I don’t think that counts.


Speaking of Half-Life mods, PC Zone highlights what’s hot right now.


Oh yeah, and there’s a new FIFA game out. I bought my brother FIFA 2003 for PS2 and the cheeky fuck wouldn’t touch it because the game was too old. He’s hooked on whichever FIFA game is out at the minute.

If you ask me, I don’t like the newer ones. Not like I have ever played a football game (for more than a match or two), but just going off visuals, I find the neverending quest for hyperrealism a bit nauseating. These football players look weird as hell on the new games. Clearly the players look like their meatspace counterparts, but there’s something really off about them too.


The centrepiece of this issue is, of course, System Shock 2. Loads of interviews, screenshots, and the like.

We also got a decent amount of ads for other games.


Kingpin: Life of Crime is a game I have not played. It got a lot of shit as it was released shortly after Columbine, so a lot of shops dropped it. The soundtrack was also done by Cypress Hill, so the fact that I haven’t yet checked this one out is nothing short of a travesty.


Here’s an edgy ad if I ever saw one — this one’s for Shadow Man, based off the Shadowman comics.


Found a small Photoshop snippet near the back of the magazine. ‘Photoshop does everything except make toast and mow the lawn’ has got to be one of the truest statements I have ever read.


Now, check this shit out. I’ve saved the best ‘til last. This artwork is stunning. This is the entry page to a mini-encyclopaedia section; something I really like about this magazine is that it isn’t snobby. If you don’t know shit, that’s fine. Here’s a goddamn glossary of terms, explained to you as if you were a dumbass. I can appreciate that.