The Maxx Strength Line

Posted: Sat, Jul 18, 2020
Last updated: Tue, Aug 11, 2020

Mango Matic

I’m always down for a zero sugar drink. It makes me think it’s healthy regardless if it’s loaded with taurine and caffeine too.

This is extremely sweet for a zero sugar drink, and not in a bad way. It’s like scooping the flesh from a mango and blending it to a pulp before drinking it, but obviously the texture is a lot thinner. This is one of the best fizzy drinks I’ve tasted… ever. An easy S tier.


I crack open the can in fear. The can has a beautiful purple design, but is that an indication of the flavour? What if it’s grape… or worse, Parma Violets? It smells like laundry detergent.

I eventually drum up the confidence to take a sip. It’s 100% grape, but it’s a fruitier grape with just a hint of that artificial American-candy flavour that every sweet I’ve had from overseas seems to have.

I’m not the biggest fan of grape so my initial thoughts are D tier, but I’ll take it to a C because the flavour actually tastes well-made… if that even makes sense?

Super Dry

What the hell kinda flavour is this? Cucumber and lime spring to mind, but I’ve got no idea if either of those specimens are within this can. This drink is really nice as it’s not as carbonated as the big cans, it’s more of a gentle fizz and a smoother drink. This is actually kind of refreshing. B tier.


This can is so beautiful. Those PINKS !!! As for the flavour, I can’t pinpoint it. It has a very strong generic fruit taste. There is nothing on the can to suggest the flavour and no I’m not going to do any research on this to find out what it’s actually meant to be.

Smooth drinking! I’d love to nab another can of this some time in the future. A tier.

Rad Red

……… this is just Ultra Red but less carbonated and without the carmine. C tier.