The Mutant Line

Posted: Sat, Jul 18, 2020

This was a Vietnamese line by the looks of it… I have no idea how they made it to my neck of the woods but I’ll take it.

Red Dawn

This was not very fizzy, which is good for me as I prefer carbonated drinks that are tamer. This tastes insidiously sweet, like my teeth will be rotten and falling out come tomorrow morning. The taste is an artifical cherry flavour, like them flat lollipops.


All I can think is thank fuck this was a small can. It’s really difficult to drink. I feel like this would be delicious if mixed with something to dilute the taste a bit. C tier.

Gold Strike

The taste sensation is very strange with this one, as is the smell. The initial taste is like if you mixed Irn Bru with the original Monster which isn’t actually that bad! However it starts to taste like plasticine as you drink more of the can. This is a pass. F tier.