Trianglecuts - Forest Danse

Posted: Sat, Sep 2, 2023
Last updated: Mon, Sep 11, 2023

Trianglecuts - Forest Danse

electronic, darkwave, post-punk, synthpop, witch house

This is a really gorgeous EP (or rather, a single with 2 b-sides) from the Manchester-based duo Trianglecuts. I picked this one up alongside Satori’s ‘The Woods’ at Dark Alchemy V after an enchanting performance from them. Again, it’s hard not to just write for ages about their show cos I need to save that for the gig review I will likely never get round to posting! The sleeve each CD was housed in is different as they were all handmade, and the CD itself is a vinyl replica. It was so pretty I felt bad to open it! A Bandcamp yum code was included to save me ripping the disc which is always much appreciated, I’m hoping that practise becomes more common!

The titular track Forest Danse has a really lush beat. Gwen’s vocals are complimented so well by the gloomy piano and synths. I also haven’t listed to witch house much in years, and I forgot just how much I liked it – the slightly ethereal tunes with the vocal loops creates a really beautiful atmosphere. The tempo then slows and the vocals grow more distorted with Follow the Echoes, before ending on the rather interesting instrumental track Danse de la Rè‚ve Sombre. Which feels almost out of place but also perfect? It has a sound that reminds me of MIDI files, carrying you on a lil adventure, almost like the sort of thing I could imagine playing when I’m dicking around in an old Castlevania level.

There were laminated flyers with details on their upcoming album When Death Leaves, which will hopefully be released soon! This is a great little release that I’d recommend giving a spin.

You can pick up a copy (CD/digital) via Trianglecuts' Bandcamp.

Favourite track: Follow the Echoes