This Is What We Call British Industrial

Posted: Mon, Jan 3, 2022

This Is What We Call British Industrial

I grabbed this CD from Bandcamp quite recently, via Non-Bio’s page here. I grabbed it when I was picking up one of his other digital releases ‘The Future Is Written’. I thought it looked dead interesting - limited edition of 20, and is a compilation of a bunch of different UK industrial bands? Sign me up!

I’ve not actually listened to this yet. Once it got to me in the post it was a bit of a fuck-on trying to get the bastard files off the disc. Which is no-one’s fault, by the way, except I suppose mine. I’ve recently dumped Windows completely and now have a full Linux set up. Well, mostly. I run a Windows 7 VM for Photoshop and use Wine for Winamp and TagScanner. It’s good enough, I mean hey, at least the Windows 7 copy I have is a cracked copy so Bill Gates isn’t getting any of my damn money. Since I’ve switched, I’ve had to change my workflow a bit. I would use Exact Audio Copy to rip the disc, then TagScanner to tag and move my files. A piece of piss and doesn’t take long. Now, with Linux, it’s a little bit more of a ballache which I’m still trying to navigate. I now use K3B to rip my discs as it seems closest to EAC, I use TagScanner via Wine to tag my shit, and the real ballbuster is moving the damn files. TagScanner wouldn’t let me move files, and MusicBrainz Picard straight up deleted my files from the face of my hard disk when I tried to move them using that instead. As in, find found nothing I’d just ripped. So now I’m typing this, re-ripping the bastard CDs, and I’m gonna try again. Manually moving my files. I think Linux users are masochists at heart…

Anyway, the actual album!

Something that always cracks me up about industrial music is the sheer elitism surrounding the genre. I just mentioned an edition of 20, right? There’ll defo be more than that kicking around, but you get the point this is hardly a mainstream release.

I go onto Discogs so I can get the release number for tagging my ripped files. Here we go - this release has a review!

A friendly Discogs review

Why the aggression? Why the sheer animosity? Like for fuck’s sake man. Maybe this CD is shit, I dunno yet. But is there any need?

Anyway, support local music. Buy shit on Bandcamp, go to live shows, buy merch. Pirating is great and I will forever support it, but if you’re pirating music from small artists, at least throw some damn money their way so they can keep their lights on.