grotta - Враг

Posted: Tue, Nov 23, 2021

grotta - Враг

Bandcamp link: here

YouTube link: here

This track genuinely left me stunned when I heard it. It had those haunting darkwave vocals with a nasty EBM beat that I will never, ever tire of.

So, of course, I run to Bandcamp to buy it. Only to find he’s giving the track away for free. What the fuck? In fact most of his stuff is free, which means I need to buy the albums that do have payment enabled right now (and even then it’s name your price).

I found grotta on Spotify to see if this track was on out of curiosity, and seen this in the related:

Ukrainian doomer?

I’m definitely an old man now because I still don’t know what the fuck a doomer is. But if this is Ukrainian doomer music or whatever, it rips.