Portion Control - SEEDEP3

Posted: Fri, Apr 2, 2021

Portion Control - SEEDEP3

Bandcamp link: here

I remember first finding Portion Control – it was in one of them ‘What’s In My Bag?’ videos, this one being with cEvin Key. One of the albums he showed was I Staggered Mentally, which I’ve got to give it to him - it’s got bangers.

Promo from the big man himself.

Since then I’ve been checking out all sorts from these guys. They’ve been going for fucking years.

SEEDEP3 is their latest release as of writing this and it’s stellar, like all their other shit. ‘Bonecrushing beats’ I seen some reviewer write, which is pretty damn accurate. EBM at its finest.

Favourite track: Chain [Longform] (No, really, it’s long as shit)