Revolting Cocks ‎– Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Posted: Thu, Jul 1, 2021

Revolting Cocks ‎– Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Well, this was interesting. I was having a mooch when picking up some albums I’d bought off the bloke online and found this specimen.

The single in person

“Mate, what’s in this?”

“No clue. Was told it’s just meant to be like that.”

Hmm. The possibility of someone taking a fat slash in this sleeve had been reduced, but it was still unclear just what the fuck this was. I buy it anyway, as we all love a bit of RevCo, and head online for some investigative journalism.

I find it on Discogs and head to the Notes section, which quickly lets me know it’s lube, and not piss. Hand me my Pulitzer.

Favourite track: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?