Edwin Starr ‎– Missiles (We Don't Want To Die)

Posted: Thu, Jul 1, 2021

Edwin Starr ‎– Missiles (We Don't Want To Die)

The striking artwork pulled me immediately when I seen this. The opening lines of the song let you know exactly what you’re in for.

Children crying, people dying
We don’t want none

We don’t want to die!
Keep those missiles out the sky!

Edwin Starr had been putting out anti-war songs for 15 years at this point. This one is another hard-hitting (yet also incredibly catchy) protest anthem. It feels almost morbid singing along to this, yelling “we don’t want to die!” along with the song, but I suppose it’s nowhere near as morbid as the United States, the UK, and other imperialist countries carpet-bombing countries and killing innocent people in the name of power and control.

Favourite track: Missiles (We Don’t Want To Die)