Fuck Google Analytics

Posted: Sat, Jul 3, 2021

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I keep making a blog section on my site and then unceremoniously killing it off. I guess I’m shy and feel weird posting personal shit online (but still egotistical enough to spend fuck knows how long making a website???? Don’t know how all that works out…)

I was dumpster diving in an archived version of my site over in The Vault (within the Coding Quarter) and found some old blog posts kicking around, which I might port over here and keep a blogging section open. Blogs are fun!

recent site updates

I’ve chopped and changed this site so much since I made my first one on Neocities a few years ago. It started off as a legitimate fucking mess, then slightly cleaned up but a nightmare to maintain, then a few variations pissing on with a static site generator before I finally settled on what I’ve got at the moment. All that process is in The Vault too so I won’t go into much detail here.

One recent change I’ve made is getting shot of Google Analytics. I mean, Google is a piece of shit company which anyone with more than a brain cell is aware of, but I thought it would be cute to see who’s visting (if anyone) and for how long, etc. Thing is, the Neocities site stats thing is way more generous than Analytics. Check this shit out.

Neocities site stats

500+ people! That’s insane. What the fuck.

Google Analytics site stats

But then Google’s like… you had 70 people and no one stayed for longer than 30 seconds.

You know what? Let me live in my bubble of delusion. Fuck Google Analytics.

In other news, I’ve ported over all of my old blog entries from an archived version of my site. That shit took forever to get it in the right format, but it’s finally done. I think it would be nice to post blog updates more often: one, it’s a way for me to post updates with like no effort; and two, sometimes it’s nice to just shout into the void. I don’t really like Twitter much and mainly use it to keep in touch with friends, Tumblr is just Tumblr, whereas here I can just chat absolute shit and format it however I like.