I Hate Clients

Posted: Wed, May 15, 2019

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At work, one of our most annoying clients raised a case because they found an issue on one of their pages, which is fair enough. I’ll let them off, I guess. When investigating this, this page ended up using really old code that got fucked up because it relied on pages even older that were deprecated years ago.

After some hacking around on my dev site I managed to come up with a crappy fix that would resolve the issue, but would never be something we’d put into master code. Time to jump onto the client’s site.

Depiction of me at work.

It took me an hour on the phone with helpdesk to hotfix them properly after their case had been sitting in the backlog for a bit, but eventually it’s finished and working.

The client’s response which got fed back through customer care?

“It’s fixed [name]. It only took you this long to fix a simple UI issue. Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.”

Oh aye. Fixing the code in one page and checking another 20+ pages to make sure shit was in sync. A simple UI issue. Suck my dick. I fucking hate clients. Immensely.