Maybe Jim Jones Made Points

Posted: Thu, Jul 11, 2019

NOW LISTENING: Front 242 - Take One

One of my favourite songs is Body by Randolph & Mortimer.

The OG Randy & Mort

(Nah, not these guys.)

A music duo from Sheffield, I first heard them when they opened for <PIG> last month. Some of their songs were just pure hypnotic. Really fucking great band.

Anyway, there’s a distinct line “I DO NOT NEED MY BODY” that was sampled from somewhere, and it was said with such conviction and vigour that I’ve been mulling that phrase and its implications in my mind since then. I want it tattooed on the back of my neck.

Well, after much digging, I found where the sample was from. The quote being:

If somebody would, by some sort of quirk or situation, take this body– and I proved to you last Sunday, I don’t need it.

I proved to you conclusively last Sunday, I took a young man from the offertory room. He didn’t know what was coming off.

I took him up and I stood him there, and I said, I can show you, I do not need my body.

You know who said this? Jim Jones. Yeah, the Jonestown guy. Kinda second-guessing the whole tattoo thing (but not really).