Messing With Bullet Belts

Posted: Sat, Jul 13, 2019

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I took apart my new bullet belt. I watched a video of a guy cleaning some brass cartridges in his garage and felt inspired. I immediately set to taking the belt apart, more out of curiosity than the cleaning process.

The carnage

I had to delve into the Southern-US-gun-loving-blokes-in-baseball-caps realm of YouTube to find these videos. I don’t own a gun, and as I’m in the UK it’s unlikely I’ll ever own one unless I shift to another country, but I greatly appreciate gun YouTube for all the tutorials they put up for cleaning metals on the cheap.

Anyway, I sat looking at these bullets and had to ask myself if I really wanted to clean them. They look grim and weathered right now, but I feel like wearing crystal-clear brass bullets will just make me look like a knob.

Looks like it’s time to reassemble this bullshit now. At least seeing it disassembled was very satisfying.