Tattoo Healing Progress

Posted: Sun, Jun 30, 2019

NOW LISTENING: Drab Majesty - Cold Souls

Not much going on. Keeping on top of my tatt isn’t too bad, but having one of my legs wrapped in cling all day in the summer is upsetting. Here’s a snap:

Progress pic

0010 1101 0011 0010 0110 0001
2,962,017 = 29 / 6 / 2017

Obscure enough that people don’t immediately read it as a date, and it looks dope in the process. I fucking love it.

I’m also reworking the System Logs the best I can. Trying to format these entries in a way that is accessible and isn’t just, like, 1000 entries on one page. I saw a site on Neocities where there was a page of diary entries that spanned over a few years and my laptop was noisy and calling me a cunt for trying to load so much crap at once. Not a life I want to lead.