The Holy Grail of Auctions

Posted: Tue, Jan 22, 2019

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I’ve stumbled across the Holy Grail. It’s an auction website for machinery that factories don’t want anymore. Most of the stuff on there looks like it goes up when factories go under and they need to try and get shot of everything they have. A lot of the stuff on there is pretty standard, but sometimes you can find some quality items.

Auction booth

Some highlights:

DeVilbiss Concept Cure Automotive Paint Booth

About the size of a flat in LA, I could buy this and live in it. (Pictured)

Assorted Milling Cutters on Wall

Home decor that would put All Saints out of business.

24" Tilting Precision Rotary Table

A cute coffee table that sold for $140.

UNIST 25014-Y Precision Lubricator

This sold for $14 and just looked like a bog standard food processor. I don’t know where the hell the lubrication part comes in, and frankly, I don’t think I want to know.

CAE Ransohoff Lean-Jet Aqueous Industrial Parts Washer

Something to give your crockery a proper clean.