The Matrix Turns 20!

Posted: Mon, Jul 15, 2019

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This year is the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest science fiction films of all time.

That’s right!

Thirteenth Floor

I’m chatting shit. Could you imagine? That film was dogshit.

It’s 20 years since The Matrix was released. I love that movie so much. I can see you rolling your eyes.

Huh, a guy with his own bootleg flash website that no one reads. A guy with a fear of modern technology and who’s constantly paranoid about being spied on by all these new ‘smart’ devices. Of course he likes The Matrix. What a surprise.

Yes, bitch. I can’t refute a single one of those sentences. I’m a simple man. I like sci-fi films, a good soundtrack, and some PVC. Sue me.

I went to go see a 4K restoration of this movie at the pictures – a class little cinema at that. Up its arse but I could appreciate the aesthetics and the sofas in the viewing rooms. I didn’t buy anything there because it was like £12 for a hotdog or whatever, so fuck that. I took my sister to see it with me as she’s never seen it before. She got me to paint her nails black and green to fit the occassion.

I also never want to see another 4K restoration of any older movie EVER. AGAIN. I saw EVERY god damn pore on everyone’s face. The shit was TOO crystal clear. As handsome of a man as Laurence Fishburne is, I do not particularly wish to see each of his acne scars in vivid detail. This was film was far more enjoyable watching it for the first time on a shitty CRT TV. Maybe it adds to the experience, or maybe I enjoyed it more because I was 12.

I’m reminded of GTA V. I loved that game, and I still do. I find the graphics very unnerving though. Shit is too realistic-looking when it doesn’t need to be.