PS2 Plaza

Posted: Sun, Jan 27, 2019
Last updated: Sun, Aug 18, 2019

This section was made mainly as a push for me to actually play my games; I’m bad for buying games and just… not playing them. I can normally buy games for about 50p/£1 each, and they rarely go above £4. Unless it’s Yakuza 2, which cost me the same as a brand spanking new PS4 game. But we won’t talk about that here. I don’t want to. It hurts too much to think about.

Hunting for

I won’t list all the games I have (that’s boring and I have too many), but I will list a few that I want to get my hands on.

  • Akira Psycho Ball
  • BloodRayne
  • Evolution Skateboarding
  • Fantavision
  • Frequency
  • Initial D: Ryosuke Takahashi’s Fastest Typing-theory
  • Initial D: Special Stage
  • Manhunt 2
  • Phantasy Star Universe
  • Project Zero
  • Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly
  • Project Zero 3: The Tormented
  • Rez
  • Silent Hill 2
  • Silent Hill 3


Yakuza 2

Date: Jul 18, 2019


Date: May 30, 2019